DDOE Climate Adaptation Planning

A blueprint for the District of Columbia to take a proactive stance on climate change and promote urban resilience within the built and natural environment.

Completed: 2017
Location: Washington D.C.
Partners: District Department of Environment, Perkins&Will
Creating a Prioritized Plan for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency
The District Department of Environment has taken a proactive stance on climate change and committed to identifying, prioritizing, and addressing the critical needs of the district.  AREA assembled a team of recognized experts to assess the District’s specific vulnerabilities and develop an executable adaptation plan.
We leveraged our industry leading expertise in climate projections, vulnerability and risk assessments, adaptation, sustainability and stakeholder engagement to create a three-fold approach: (1) focus on developing climate projections from existing sources; (2) conduct a vulnerability assessment for key assets and systems to prioritize the most at-risk elements; and, (3) develop a targeted and actionable adaptation plan that links climate change considerations with existing Sustainable DC initiatives.
The Climate Change Adaptation Plan provides an integrated analysis of existing climate change data, an assessment of the District’s vulnerable assets, and a risk-based, prioritized plan for adaptation and resiliency. The District received a blueprint for capital improvements, policies, and programs, integrated with Sustainable DC initiatives that promote urban resiliency within the built and natural worlds, as well as for the District’s citizenry