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The Grady Health System Ponce de Leon Center is a comprehensive outpatient clinic for treatment of HIV and AIDS. The Center sought to improve operations and the built environment to retain and attract more patients in ongoing care at the Center. The project employed a Lean perspective to identify opportunities and improve efficiency within the clinic. Lean tools such as observational studies, spaghetti diagrams, value stream maps, and utilization analyses were used to assess the current patient flow and service within the clinic. Findings were utilized to develop conceptual diagrams reflecting a modified built environment to facilitate greater efficiency in providing care.

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Mewborn, A. & Tyner, J. (2013). "Using a Lean Perspective to Explore the Impact of the Built Environment and Operations on the Retention of Patients in an Outpatient Care Delivery Setting: Improving Efficiency as a Strategy to Increase Capacity". Perkins+Will Research Journal, Vol 5., No. 2, pp. 7-17.


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