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Processes and technologies that help to design, track, and maintain healthy, resilient, effective workplaces


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Stand Up to Work is an original study designed to assess the health impact of newly introduced adjustable workstations in a traditional office environment. We intend to assess the sustainability of behavioral changes that may be induced by the intervention. Funders: ASID

By John Haymaker (Perkins+Will)
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A Case Study in Reflective Daylighting feature

Using a number of physical and digital tools, the design team for the University Crossing Atrium at the University of Massachussetts at Lowell explored how daylight can be efficiently directed down into a space. This case study documents the team’s research methodology, design strategies and technical concepts for executing the work as well as general conclusions on the benefits of the collaborative process.

By Patrick Cunningham (Perkins+Will),
Paul Zaferiou (Lam Partners),
Kera Lagios (Lam Partners)
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Between Laboratory and Factory feature

British Technology Innovation Centers each focus on a particular research theme that, though specialized, has relevance across a wide range of industries. They promote faster and more effective translation of laboratory discoveries into products and processes for commercialization.

By Paul Harney (Perkins+Will)
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Transcending Project Type- Principles for High Performance Interior Design feature

This study reviews literature and research associated with characteristics of well-designed interiors for healthcare, commercial and educational market sectors, focusing on strategies that improve productivity, health and well-being of occupants.

By Joan Blumenfeld (Perkins+Will),
Carolyn Baross (Perkins+Will),
Sonya Dufner (Gensler)