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  |  Channel: Labs, Technology

Cleanrooms almost always have the largest impact on cost and schedule in terms of construction and operation for a lab project. New standards such as ISO 14644 will be voted on soon. If passed these standards may increase the impacts of both existing and new cleanrooms on laboratory facilities. This article outlines some key planning... Read more »

By Regal Leftwich ()
  |  Channel: Energy, Health, Labs, Technology

Task Tuning, variable load shedding and daylight harvesting are three strategies for reducing the energy consumed by lighting systems. This study tested the effectiveness of these three strategies against both the Encelium Lighting Control and Pulse Energy Data energy management systems.

By David Cordell (Perkins+Will),
Leah [Davies] Ijjas (Gensler),
Jon Penndorf (Perkins+Will),
Haley Russell (Perkins+Will)
  |  Channel: Education, Intellect, Labs, Workplace

British Technology Innovation Centers each focus on a particular research theme that, though specialized, has relevance across a wide range of industries. They promote faster and more effective translation of laboratory discoveries into products and processes for commercialization.

By Paul Harney (Perkins+Will)
  |  Channel: Education, Health, Healthcare, Intellect, Labs, Technology, Workplace

This study reviews literature and research associated with characteristics of well-designed interiors for healthcare, commercial and educational market sectors, focusing on strategies that improve productivity, health and well-being of occupants.

By Joan Blumenfeld (Perkins+Will),
Carolyn Baross (Perkins+Will),
Sonya Dufner (Gensler)