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This paper discusses relationships between research, architectural design and technology, with particular focus on the descriptions and activities of a practice-oriented architectural research program. The objectives of the program are to advance the performance of project designs, improve decision-making process, and to inspire innovation through systematic investigations of building performance and emerging building technologies. First, descriptions of the research program are discussed, such as research objectives and methodologies. Then, two case studies are reviewed that illustrate relationships between architectural design and conducted research, illustrating how research results inform design decisions. The first case study focuses on investigation of thermal comfort and exterior design elements for courtyard design. The second case study investigates energy consumption studies in relation to facade design.

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Aksamija, A. (2011). "Building Technology Research in Architectural Practice: Emerging Trends". In Plowright, P. & Gamper, B (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2011 ARCC Spring Research Conference: Architectural Research Centers Consortium (pp. 585-594). Detroit, MI: Lawrence Technological University.


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