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Marvina’s thirty years of experience have been in management of emergency departments. She has been responsible for preparing budgets, staffing, evaluating and selecting equipment, writing and implementing policies and meeting regulatory requirements withing large Emergency Departments. Marvina brings to the team her clinical expertise and operational insights. Her contributions consist of operational studies including workflow, workload calculations, patient care procedures, support services and staffing efficiencies. She understands the changes and demands that healthcare providers are facing and seeks opportunities to streamline processes to improve client and staff satisfaction.
Recent Articles:

This article outlines the use of process modeling at Perkins+Will to determine the appropriate size of waiting spaces and number of seats for outpatient clinics in a medical office building in the Southeast. Inputs to the process model included provider schedules, length of time for each process during a patient’s visit, and probabilities of the number of people accompanying each patient to a visit.

By Marvina Williams (Perkins+Will),
Sudhan Chinnappan (HCA),
Amanda Mewborn (Piedmont Healthcare)

This article outlines the use of a Lean design process, enabled by simulation modeling, to determine the appropriate size of an emergency department based on current patient volumes and projected patient volumes in 12 years. The results of the study were used to reduce facility size and construction costs without compromising on patient care.

By Marvina Williams (Perkins+Will),
Amanda Mewborn (Piedmont Healthcare),
Sudhan Chinnappan (HCA)

A Perkins+Will design team used lean modeling to reduce patient wait times at a large hospital. This hospital had over 100,000 annual emergency visits, and often had no open exam rooms and waiting areas during peak hours. The design team optimized operations to increase capacity and decrease wait time while minimizing new construction.

By Amanda Mewborn (Piedmont Healthcare),
Marvina Williams (Perkins+Will),
Jeff Tyner (Perkins+Will)