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David Green focuses on large-scale urban design and planning projects for Perkins+Will. He is a Professor of the Practice of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. David has been involved in the execution of hundreds of projects in the past twenty years ranging from the adaptive re-use of multiple historic structures to multi-thousand acre urban design and planning projects. His work and research focus on issues of development, particularly within an urban framework and the creation of a strategy for sustainable cities, which include aspects of public policy implementation, criteria for implementation of development controls, design guidelines, as well as strategic infrastructure implementation.
Recent Articles:

It is a commonly held belief that the construction of rail transit systems and more specifically the stations along the system, drives real estate development in the areas they serve. In practice, however, the success of this concept has not been consistent. The goal of this article is to provide a methodology for analyzing the real performance of each station relative to its potential.

By Kevin Bacon (Perkins+Will),
David Green (Perkins+Will)

Despite the fact that regulations have a significant impact on health, safety and welfare, research into their impact is almost nonexistent. The adoption of new regulations should be tied to basic research and testing. Furthermore, there should be legal mechanisms that monitor the efficacy of the regulations and modify them to align with their original intent.

By David Green (Perkins+Will)